Welcome to Top Notch Farms

Top Notch Farms Productions, Inc. is a family owned farm established in 1959, by Hollis Osborne.  Currently three generations of the Osborne family are involved through ownership or management.  TNF currently produces corn, soybeans, wheat, and cattle.  We pride ourselves in creating the best quality products possible.

The first priority of Top Notch Farms is building a rewarding and beneficial farm experience for both landowners and employees.   Our commitment to each of our landowners to improve their land aesthetically and in nutrient levels is accomplished through a variety of processes.  TNF uses a nutrient replacement program that not only replaces the used nutrients but also builds the soil nutrient levels over time.  By using sustainable farming practices such as no-till and minimal tillage TNF is able to improve soil health and quality of the land.  The use of chicken litter as a natural recycled fertilizer also enhances the nutrients necessary to produce quality crops. 

Hollis is known for saying, “People are our true business”.  Top Notch Farms is dedicated to our relationships with our landowners, employees, and the community.  Working together we can create excellent products through the use of new technologies and processes that will improve farming techniques and provide the foundation for future generations.